Maine Coons are the largest of the domesticated cats, and they are as close as you could safely get to having an actual Lion in your house. Their powerful facial features are perfectly framed by a majestic mane, with their sturdy build and slightly menacing prowl completing the mini-Mufasa vibe that this magnificent breed oozes.

Photographer Robert Sijka, based in Hong Kong, loves to combine his two passions in life: photography and his beloved Maine Coons. He has experienced a lot of joy in perfecting his skills, bringing out the beauty and majesty of these wonderful cats. 

“I’m Polish, but fourteen years ago my family and I had the opportunity to move to China. “ After a while, we started to miss the company of animals, they have always been in our lives. We fell in love with Maine Coons and my wife Izabella started a breeding program 8 years ago. Our cattery is called OtiCami and you can find out more about us here at .

“After the birth of the first kittens, we came to the question, how to present our cats to the world? I think my journey with photography started at this moment. I decided that my pictures must be something special, just like Maine Coons are special. After several thousands of photos, I ended up with my current style and great pleasure from working with these amazing animals.”

“One of the most frequently asked questions is “how to keep a cat still for a photo?” My answer is always the same, it is not possible. Cats are not dogs, you can not order them to sit still and that’s why I think working with cats is a bigger challenge. So, people ask “how it is possible that my cats look like they pose for a photo” My secret is contained in two words, practice and patience.”

Robert does occasionally do photoshoots for clients, but 99% of his ‘models’ are from his and his wife’s own 20 cats and kittens, which keep them both extremely busy. He has recently launched an online shop with Maine Coon collections.












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